A Classic Tour Taipei – Silver Classic CD Edition

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Jacky Cheung’s A Classic Tour Concert that lasted for 2 years and 3 months with 233 tours, are now immortalized in physical album format for fans collection. The album is being mastered at the legendary ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS in London, UK, for the fans to relive the ultimate concert experience.


Pre-order the exclusive limited edition first batch of A Classic Tour Concert Taipei Arena – Silver Classic CD Edition especially made in Germany now! Comes with 3CD and 72-pages Hardcover Special Booklet.


Track List

CD Disc 1

1. Overture

2. 我與你

3. 非常夏日

4. 今晚要盡情

5. 離人

6. 這麼近 那麼遠

7. 怎麼捨得你

8. 愛.火.花

9. 忘記他

10. Guitar Solo

11. Talk


CD Disc 2

1. 她來聽我的演唱會

2. 我真的受傷了

3. Drums, Percussion & Horn Solo

4. 頭髮亂了

5. 和好不如初

6. Piano Solo

7. 時間有淚

8. 想和你吹吹風

9. 野貓之戀

10. 餓狼傳說

11. 如果這都不算愛

12. 我醒著做夢

13. Strings Quartet

14. 不經不覺

15. 春風秋雨

16. 妳的名字我的姓氏

17. Talk


CD Disc 3

1. 愛是永恆

2. 祝福

3. Band Solo

4. Medley (友情歌 2014-1985)















5. 如果.愛


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